Welcome to Nyriad. Delivering the highest possible performance with bulletproof reliability, resilience, consistency, and integrity in data storage systems.
Nyriad Technology has recently transitioned to its new domain name, @nyriadtechnology.com. We will now be using that domain name for all our emails.
If you need to get in touch with us, you can email at info@nyriadtechnology.com. If you are looking for a particular Nyriad contact, you can still get in touch with them by replacing their @nyriad.com with @nyriadtechnology.com.
Please be aware that any emails received after 26 February 2021 (NZDT) from an @nyriad.com email address, will not be from Nyriad Limited.

High-Performing Team Environment

At Nyriad, we strive to create a productive and harmonious environment in which every team member can be inspired and achieve their full potential. We set high goals, with equally high standards and then strive together to achieve them.

We’re also conscious about  exercising personal judgement and making sound business decisions -operating legally, ethically and in accordance with Nyriad values to deliver a high quality of product and service.

Our Values & Principles

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We fight for the future we believe in

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Aggressively Innovative

We prize a bold failed attempt over a good excuse

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We treat others as we wish to be treated

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We have infinitely high standards and expectations

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We choose to constantly evolve and adapt

Why New Zealand?

Being positioned on the edge of the world doesn’t stop us from being globally connected but it does afford us the luxury of disrupting global paradigms and developing solutions that are ingenious, creative and challenge the norm.

New Zealand is a great place to live and prosper we have a reputation for hard work, honesty and ingenuity. Not only does this create a stable, secure and globally competitive economy, New Zealand has a government that actively invests in science and innovation.

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Available Jobs

If you would like to be a part of the Nyriad team, and you have the skills and talent for Nyriad to reach its potential, then apply.

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